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Yamamoto Nutrition Peptobol Performance, Unflavoured - 500g

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Yamamoto Nutrition presents peptobol performance. Peptobol performance is a nutritional supplement for sportsmen who practise intense and prolonged physical activity over time.Hydrolysates of casein are derived from casein (milk protein known for its slow digestion) that has been subjected to hydrolysis, an artificial process of enzymatic digestion that provides for the division of peptide bonds of protein molecules making them smaller in size; these peptides are digested and absorbed more quickly at intestinal level, contributing to the processes of maintenance and growth of muscle mass, typical of proteins.Peptobol performance contains PeptoPro certified casein hydrolysate. Peptopro is a pre-digested protein that is completely water-soluble and contains over 60% of special hypoallergenic di-peptides and tri-peptides. These peptides are absorbed much more rapidly than intact proteins or even single amino acids. Immediate release of these building blocks to the muscles therefore faster recovery and increased growth.The advantages of PeptoPro have certainly not gone unnoticed by the sporting elite, in fact This product is used by important teams, professional athletes and many other sportsmen, and is widely regarded as an innovative and revolutionary protein product.Finally, to complement the product, The presence of Sustamine makes the product 360° complete. L-alanyl l-glutamine, better known as Sustamine, is a di-peptide that binds glutamine and Alanine, resulting in a very stable and highly soluble form.During particularly intense workouts, typical of bodybuilders and very serious physically stressful situations, the muscles release both types of amino acids in substantial quantities. If these concentrations are not restored, not only will the muscles themselves suffer, but performance, recovery, The immune system and other biological functions will also be affected.That S why, after having clarified where and how they synergistically carry out their functions, this di-peptide combination finds its best application with bodybuilders and athletes who carry out intense, as well as prolonged activities that require a marked anti-catabolic action to protect the muscles, thereby encouraging protein and glucose synthesis as well as giving cells The chance to remain hydrated, therefore in an anabolic state.


Protein (hydrolyzed casein) (PeptoPro), L-Alanyl-L-Glutamine (Sustamine), hydrolyzed casein PeptoPro (from milk), L-alanyl-L-glutamine (Sustamine).

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