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Yamamoto Nutrition AminoDex - 120 tablets

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Yamamoto® Nutrition AminoDEX® is a food supplement made with essential amino acids of plant origin from Kyowa® Quality fermentation.


bulking agent: microcrystalline cellulose; L-leucine (KyowaQuality®), L-lysinehydrochloride (KyowaQuality®), L-phenylalanine (KyowaQuality®), L-threonine (KyowaQuality®), L-alanyl-L-glutamine (Sustamine®), L -valine (KyowaQuality®), L-isoleucine (KyowaQuality®), L-methionine (KyowaQuality®), L-tryptophan (KyowaQuality®), stabilizer: hydroxy-propyl-methylcellulose; anti-caking agents: talc, magnesiumsalts of fattyacids, silicondioxide.

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