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Trec Nutrition Mass XXL, Caramel Vanilla - 3000g

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At Mass XXL is a gainer – compounds and made based on 100% Brand New and High-Quality Molkeneiweißes and carefully sourced from select mono/Oligo and polysaccharides Charide. Mass XXL ensures a consistent delivery of power and the required carbohydrates and amino acids to muscle recovery. To take this is finished with a vitamin complex enriched, promote the metabolism of carbohydrates and amino acids in the organism. Mass XXL is athletes to recommend that you try to fast growth of body mass.


Maltodextrin whey protein concentrate dextrose modified starch flavor sodium cyclamate sodium saccharin sodium L-ascorbic nicotinic acid amide DL-alpha tocopheryl acetate D-calcium pantothenate pyridoxine hydrochloride riboflavin thiamine mononitrate folic acid D-biotin cyanocobalamin beta-carotene

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