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Trec Nutrition Casein 100, Vanilla - 600g

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CASEIN 100. SLOW DIGESTING MICELLAR CASEIN PROTEIN. CASEIN 100 is a high-protein dietary supplement. It contains micellar casein which is a great source of protein with beneficial prolonged absorption time. CASEIN 100 supplements diet with protein which contributes to a growth and maintenance muscle mass.


Micellar casein (from milk) (95,5%); cacao powder for the chocolate-coconut flavour; aromas; natural cream flavor (0,6%) for the vanilla-cream flavour; dried strawberry concentrate [maltodextrin, concentrated strawberry juice] (0,25%) for the strawberry-banana flavour; lyophilised banana (0,25%) for the strawberry-banana flavour; sweetener Ð sucralose; colour for the strawberry-banana flavour Ð cochineal red A.

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