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Tick Tock Org Green Rooibos 40bag (Pack of 4)

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For those of you who love the original Rooibos tea, then you will love the new Tick Tock Organic Rooibos Green Tea!

With the same refreshing quality of green tea, but without the caffeine, this makes a revitalising tea, ideal to drink at any time of the day.

Deliciously delicate and revitalising, reminiscent of the fresh taste of high quality green tea. This 100% organic rooibos tea is hand-harvested, naturally caffeine free.

This tea harnesses all the health benefits of its traditional counterpart. Harvested by hand in the clean, crisp air of the Cedarberg Mountains, as it was a hundred years ago.

The natural traditional principles for curing green tea are used, only the freshest leaves are chosen and all bruising avoided.

Organic Green Tick Tock is naturally caffeine free and low in tannin


Green organic rooibos tea.

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