The Gutsy Captain

The Gutsy Captain Water Kefir Original Organic 250ml (Pack of 12)

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Delicious, Authentic and Healthy, Captain Kombucha currently stands as Europe’s number one Kombucha Brand. It proudly follows the original Chinese recipe using only high quality, 100% natural ingredients, green tea fermented with organic raw cane sugar and grow their own culture of live bacteria and yeast. Captain Kombucha is for everyone- Made with no artificial colours or flavours, it’s vegan & it’s gluten free!.


Purified water, organic cane sugar (transformed during fermentation), organic white grape 0.76% & apple juice 0.7%, natural bergamot flavour 0.06%, organic stevia tea extract (water, organic stevia leaves), water kefir cultures, 'Bacillus coagulans'

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