Terranova Hyaluronic Acid Complex 50 Veg Caps

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Terranova is the first company in Europe to launch a product containing the innovative new form of hyaluronic acid called ExceptionHYAL Star. ExceptionHYAL Star is the world’s first full-spectrum molecular weight hyaluronic acid. Different molecular weights of hyaluronic acid have different properties and the benefits and applications of hyaluronic acid differ depending on the molecular weight of the raw material being used. For example, low molecular weight is especially indicated for skin benefits, while high molecular weight is indicated for joint health. However, because ExceptionHYAL Star is full-spectrum molecular weight (low, medium, high and everything in between), it is indicated for all possible applications of hyaluronic acid. Clinical research shows that ExceptionHYAL Star reduces wrinkle depth by 20% - which is a level of success that one would only normally expect with a low molecular weight hyaluronic acid. However this full-spectrum form still provides such impressive results in an area though to be only related to low molecular weight. This full-spectrum property will allow Terranova’s hyaluronic acid product for the two most common uses, skin health/beauty and joint health, as well as all other possible applications.

Provides state-of-the-art, full-spectrum molecular weight hyaluronic acid

Provides the entire range of molecular weight, from very low to very high, which allows the product to be equally suitable for applications that require a specific molecular weight (i.e. low weight for skin, high weight for joint health)

Synergistic Magnifood complex provides plant compounds which stimulate the synthesis of collagen and glycosaminoglycans, as well as protecting connective tissue integrity?

Provides plant-derived inhibitors of hyaluronidase, the enzyme which breaks down hyaluronic acid

Combines especially well with Beauty Complex and Silica 150mg Complex

Suggested Intake: 1-2 capsules daily with food


MAGNIFOOD COMPLEX 325mg,Rosehips 75mg,Bilberry Fruit 75mg,Nettle Leaf 75mg,Horsetail Spring Shoot 50mg,Parsley Leaf 50mg,Hyaluronic Acid (as Sodium Hyaluronate)* 100mg,*ExceptionHYAL®STAR (Full spectrum molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid)

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