Swanson Resveratrol & Quercetin - 30 vcaps

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Swanson Ultra Resveratrol & Quercetin combines pure resveratrol from Japanese knotweed (Polygonum cuspidatum) with a complete grape seed extract standardized to 90% polyphenols (active antioxidant phytonutrients). Then, we amplify the free-radical-fighting power with quercetin, a flavonoid known to fight free radicals and defend cells from within. For purity and performance in your antioxidant supplementation, chose Swanson Ultra Resveratrol & Quercetin, the supplement that combines today's most popular, clinically researched antioxidants for longevity in an affordable daily capsule you can take with confidence.


Hypromellose (vegetarian capsule), rice flour, acsorbyl palmitate.

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