Swanson Calcium 2-AEP - 90 caps

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Are you interested in adding calcium 2-AEP to your diet? If so, Swanson Ultra Calcium 2-AEP is just what you’re looking for. Calcium 2-AEP is produced when calcium is combined with 2-Aminoethylphosphate. While people conventionally think of calcium as being essential to bone health and maintenance, this type of calcium is different. Calcium 2-AEP can be found within many of the body’s tissues and is integral to the structure of cell membranes and is required for cellular membrane functions. Further, as a component in the structure of cell membranes, calcium 2-AEP helps facilitate the absorption of nutrients as a mineral transporter while decreasing water solubility, which helps to protect cells.


Other ingredients: Gelatin, brown rice flour, calcium palmitate.

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