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Reflex Nutrition Instant Mass Heavyweight, Chocolate Peanut Butter - 5400g

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Instant Mass Heavy Weight from R-Nutrition is a high quality nutritional supplement and a very feasible composition for the most demanding athlete. It is made up of a mixture of proteins with different absorption ratios and degree of hydrolysis ( improving absorption by the body, both in terms of availability and speed ), called High BV Protein, and that make it up: • Whey protein concentrate. • Native whey protein isolate. • Egg white protein isolate. • Hydrolyzed whey protein (30% degree of hydrolysis). • Glutamine peptides (derived from wheat protein).


Energy (kcal) 387 kcal Energy 1619 kj (387 kcal) - Fats 1.6 ge - Saturated fat 0.6 gr - Carbohydrates 73 gr - Sugars 1,1 gr - Proteins 20 gr - Salt 0.23 gr - Sodium 0.092 gr

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