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Reflex Nutrition Growth Matrix, Rich Chocolate - 1890g

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Growth Matrix is a post-workout recovery protein shake. Each serving provides an instant hit of amino acids, L-leucine and glutamine, vitamin B6, fast-acting carbohydrates and Creapure Creatine. Growth Matrix can reduce tiredness and fatigue, and contribute to the recovery of normal muscle function after intense or long-lasting physical exercise as well as maintain or contribute to the growth of muscle mass. Growth Matrix has been formulated for effective recovery from intense physical training. It's great for anyone who is looking to build muscle mass and reduce fatigue after intense physical exercise. It's also suitable for vegetarians.


Glucose polymers( maltodextrin), HYDROLYZED WHEY PROTEIN(30%), L-leucine(6,7%), peptide bonded glutamine( WHEAT)(4,8%), cocoa powder, Creapure®( creatine monohydrate)(2,4%), flavourings, thickeners( carboxymethylcellulose), sweeteners( acesulfame potassium, sucralose), sodium chloride, pyridoxine hydrochloride

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