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Organic Traditions OT Chocolate Latte Ashwagandah 150g

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Probiotic Chocolate Latte is the most delicious, dairy free, coconut based latte that you will ever experience! This instant blend combines pure, rich cacao powder with CO2 supercritical dual extract ashwagandha, coconut milk, coconut palm sugar, sea salt and C02 supercritical dual extract cinnamon, nutmeg powder, cardamom powder and 1 billion probiotics per serving. The cacao tree is native to the Amazon basin, it's beans were once so revered by the Mayan and the Aztec civilizations that it was used as currency, and named as the "Food of the Gods". Flavoured with exotic spices, the beans were traditionally ground into a paste to make delicious chocolate dishes and ceremonial drinks. Our unique blend of selectively spiced cacao and coconut milk powder is enhanced with the premum, shelf-stable probiotic Bacillus coagulans, delivering healthy live probiotics to promote optimal gastro-intestinal and immune health with every sip. The addition of acacia gum prebiotic fiber makes this an all-in-one pre and probiotic blend.


organic coconut milk powder, organic cacao powder, organic coconut palm sugar, organic gum acacia, sea salt, organic chocolate flavour, organic ashwagandha extract powder, organic cinnamon extract powder, organic vanilla flavour, organic nutmeg powder, organic cardamom powder, bacillus coagulans (#MTCC 5856)

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