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Olimp Nutrition Matrix Pro 32, Double Chocolate - 24 x 80g

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Stop eating unhealthy sweets! Say goodbye to the feeling of hunger that suddenly attacks you! Olimp Matrix Pro 32 is a healthy protein snack that will diversify your daily diet, providing valuable nutrients. Do you do sports? Are you interested in healthy eating? Olimp Protein Snack is the right product for you! Crispy crust is an excellent source of healthy calories, high quality protein and fiber. It also contains a small amount of sugar.


(Chocolate flavor) protein mix (milk protein, hydrolyzed collagen, soy protein, wheat gluten hydrolyzate), 19% chocolate coating (cocoa, sweetener - maltitol); cocoa butter, milk fat, emulsifier - soy lectin, natural vanilla flavor), thickening agent - polydextrose, stabilizer - sorbitol, moisturizer - glycerol, 4.5% defatted cocoa (10-12% cocoa butter), vegetable oil ( sunflower oil), maltodextrin, sweeteners - maltitol, sucralose; flavors, emulsifier - lecithin (soy), salt.

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