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Olimp Nutrition Gold-Vit C 1000 Sport Edition - 60 caps

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Gold-vit C 1000 is an innovative and safe dietary supplement which contains a maximum dose of vitamin C in a patented form of pure way-c. Pure way-c is vitamin C in the form of a complex of L-ascorbic acid and citrus bioflavonoids. C stands for champion!!! Vitamin C plays several important roles in our bodies. First of all, it is a very-effective antioxidant which eradicates free radicals. It also has the most-profound impact on people who do intense workouts. It has been proved that taking vitamin C regularly as a precaution reduces the risk of the common cold in athletes. Furthermore, the most-important advantages of vitamin C include - co-operation with Coenzyme Q and glutathione - participation in the synthesis of collagen - A basic protein in the connective tissue which influences the condition of the skin and elements of the Locomotor system - participation in the production of steroid hormones -participation in the metabolism of Tyrosine (an amino acid which acts as a precursor to biologically important compounds).


L-Leucine, L-Valine, L-Isoleucine, 90% BCAA (72% l-leucine, 9% l-valine, 9% l-isoleucine), stabilizer: gum arabic, acidity regulator: malic acid, aroma, sweetener: sucralose

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