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Olimp Nutrition Dextrex Juice, Apple - 1000g

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Dextrex juice is a well-conceived complex of pharmaceutical-grade dextrose, micronized taurine and a considerable amount of magnesium. The entire formula facilitates the optimisation of creatine activity, as well as bringing other benefits. Adding creatine to a diet can, for instance, increase the pace of ATP regeneration in muscle cells and as a result facilitate the growth of both strength and muscle mass. When using Dextrex juice, you can be certain that you are getting its optimal effects. Suitable for physically active people and sportsmen. Available in apple flavour.


93% Dextrose, 5% taurine, acidity regulators – malic acid, citric acid; aromas, 0,3% magnesium oxide, colours: riboflavin, E 133, riboflavin (for apple flavour).

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