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Creatine HCL has more and more comments that it is the most absorbent and soluble creatine available today. The main advantage of using HCL creatine compared to other creatine formats is the dramatic increase in absorption. In real terms, this means that less creatine HCL must be used to get the maximum effect, which means saving money! One study suggested that creatine HCL is 59 times more soluble in water than creatine monohydrate. Due to the impressive absorption rate, there is no charge phase required when using Creatine HCL, nor is there a requirement for it to be used in conjunction with sugar or carbohydrates to improve absorption. Creatine HCL does this on its own! Another benefit of using Creatine HCL is that it does not cause cramps or bloating, which sometimes occur with other creatine supplements.


Creatine HCl

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