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When feeling sluggish or simply in need of that extra energy boost, just grab your GO2 ENERGY stick. The blend of essential oils consists of EUCALYPTUS, which is uplifting and promotes clear breathing, PEPPERMINT, which stimulates and helps focus, and LEMONGRASS, which helps combat feelings of fatigue. There in your pocket when you need it. Here's a crash course in how it works. When you inhale essential oils, molecules hit the receptors in the limbic system, or as it's known, the emotional brain. Signals are then sent to different parts of your body, all depending on blend. With the ENERGY blend, signals are sent out, the body gets to work and your lungs are encouraged to open up, promoting a deeper breathing, increasing oxygen flow and voila, an increase in energy. 100% natural, 100% no fuss.


eucalyptus, peppermint, lemongrass

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