GAT L-Arginine, 1000mg - 180 tabs

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L-arginine has been shown to promote increased nitric oxide which supports muscle development and recovery. Additionally, high performance athletes need as much blood flowing to their muscles as possible. This makes TAG l-arginine an excellent bodybuilding supplement. Free form l-arginine for better absorption. Fuels muscle pumps and blood flow. Maximizes n.O. Production/nutrient delivery. Promotes performance. Building block of protein.


Amino GT by GAT contains a total of 8 grams of amino acids per serving to support muscle growth and repair. Athletes who exercise strenuously require additional amino acids for energy, muscle building and recovery. Amino GT also includes 5 grams of BCAA's, the dosage that has been clinically shown to reduce muscle soreness and assist with recovery. Amino GT also is energized with 100mg of natural Caffeine from Green Tea.

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