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Tea tree oil is a powerful antiseptic, antibacterial, and antifungal. It is volatile and best used sparingly a few drops at a time, or blended with a carrier oil. A few drops pack a powerful punch, and the aroma is deep, refreshing, and decongesting. It can be used in both the body and in the home, and has traditionally been used to treat wounds and a range of ailments. Also known as melaleuca as it is derived the Melaleuca tree, a species native to Australia, it is the active ingredient in many organic and natural household products. If you read the ingredients on the back of the packet you will see that it is found in high quality face washes, massage oils, shampoos, and skin creams. Tea tree essential oil has been used for millennia by indigenous cultures, and science has shown that it can be effective against a range of bacterial and yeast infections. It has even be used successfully in hospitals Some people are sensitive to tea tree oil so use with caution the first time, and as it is so powerful it should be used very cautiously on open wounds to avoid stinging. Just a few drops of potent tea tree oil make a great cleanser, mouthwash, or household cleaner. DIRECTIONS Baths: Blend 5-8 drops in a teaspoon of carrier oil, add to bath. Massages: Add 2-3 drops of essential oils to 3 tablespoons of carrier oil. Vaporisation: Add 2-4 drops of essential oils as well as a few tablespoons of water to your oil burner. Cautions: Keep products away from delicate eye area Keep away from children. Do not take essential oils internally. Never use an undiluted essential oil directly on the skin. Always dilute in a suitable base product. If you are pregnant seek medical advice before using any essential oils.


Organic Tea Tree Oil - Organic Oil of Melaleuca alternifolia.

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