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In Ayurveda and other traditional Indian healing practices Shatavari root is deeply respected for its healing properties but its powers are only now becoming understood in the West. In the indigenous language Shatavari literally means 100 cures and it is widely used to treat numerous conditions to stimulate the immune system and hormones and cure lung disorders. The plant grows naturally in India and Nepal across the Himalayas and in some parts of Africa and China. Also known as Indian asparagus its extract is treasured for medicinal uses in non-Western traditions. Due to its relative scarcity and recent arrival in the West it has not been studied very widely but the science seems to suggest a steroidal effect and hormonal boosts. It also is mildly anti-bacterial and thought to help gastric complaints. There is increasing anecdotal evidence of its positive effect on the libido for both men and women and it may also assist women in mid and later life. Traditional uses of shatavari root include: Hormone boost and balance. Stimulate the immune system for both prevention and cure. Its alkalies and chemical properties are thought to be analgesic offering pain relief- studies show this is likely to be the case. Treat bronchial irritations. Improving gastric complaints such as ulcers.


Shatavari, Organic 400mg of herb per capsule.

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