Emunity Botanical Health Drink - Nettle Wild Strawberry & Chamomile 250ml (Pack of 24)

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Wild Strawberry originates back to 18th century Europe and has become one of the most popular fruits of the world reaching as far as North America and Chile. Strawberry, which is mostly popular for its sweet flavouring and bright red colour, is also ‘Jam’ packed full of Vitamins C, B9 and Potassium. As a result, it produces rich antioxidants that help reduce Cholesterol, Blood Pressure, Inflammation and Oxidative stress whilst tasting delicious in all in one.


Austrian Spring Water. Fruit juices from concentrate: Grape (10%), Strawberry (3.5%), Fructose, Nettle extract (0.5%), Inulin, Acid: Citric, Meadowsweet extract (0.06%), Chamomile extract (0.05%). Natural flavourings.

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