Biona Organic Flax Seed Oil 250ml

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Product Description Biona organic flax seed oil is suitable for vegans and free from dairy and wheat. Cold pressed and unrefined using our Omega extra pressing Method. We use a special press which protects the oil from contact with oxygen and light. Once bottled the oils are stored chilled. Certified organic ingredients. Ingredient seed oil*, *= certified organic ingredients nutritional in formation per 100ml: energy: 3700Kj/900kcal, fat: 92.76g, of which saturates: 8.94g, mono-unsaturated: 15.88g, Polyunsaturated: 67.94g, of which alpha linolenic acid: 52.83g, of which linoleic acid: 14.93g, carbohydrate: ingredients flax seed oil*, *= certified organic ingredients see all Product description.



Flaxseed Oil.