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Beet It Original 750ml

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The original Beet it beetroot juice - 90% pure crushed organic beetroot juice and 10% pressed organic apple juice. This juice is earthy and rich with sweet notes from the apple. Beetroot juice has long been hailed as a vegetable worthy of the title of superfood. Packed with vitamins and minerals, this vegetable juice is a valuable food supplement. High in dietary nitrates, beetroot juice is increasingly favoured by many for a variety of health and fitness benefits. Beet it beetroot juice an excellent source of dietary nitrate. Recent studies at William Harvey Research Institute into the role of dietary nitrates in reducing blood pressure have shown positive results, while investigations at Exeter university into use of beetroot juice to boost athletes stamina has received promising results and much press attention especially in light of the London 2012 Olympics.


Organic beetroot juice (90%), organic apple juice (10%).

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