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5% Nutrition 5150 Supercharged - Limited Edition, Blue Ice - 366g

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Is your current pre-workout just not strong enough, despite all the hype? Do you have to take 2-3 scoops of the newest; “one concentrated scoop is all you need” pre-workout to get the effect you’re looking for? Then it’s time to try 5150 – the ultimate stim crazy pre-workout – this explosive pre-workout is designed and dosed to give you energy and results like no other product currently on the market. 5150 goes beyond super energy; it will give you extreme pumps, razor-sharp focus, intense motivation, and extended endurance. It may also contribute to pumps and vascularity, break loose and attach your workout the way you want with a pre-workout built for 5% hardcore workouts


Natural Flavours, Citric Acid (Additive), Silicon Dioxide (Flow Agent), Sucralose (Sweetener), Brilliand Blue [E133](Colour)

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