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Yogi Teas - Ayurvedic Organic Bee Hotel Gift Pack - 2 Packs and a Bee Hotel 1pack

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A cosy home for wild bees and a unique Ayurvedic taste experience for you. In addition to the beautifully designed bee hotel, the YOGI TEA® Bee Hotel gift set includes two delicious varieties of organic tea - Turmeric Orange and Alkaline Herbs. Relax and enjoy a refreshing cup of organic Yogi tea while you wait to see who checks into your bee hotel!


Turmeric Orange Teabags: Turmeric Root*, Liquorice*, Cinnamon*, Orange Peel*, Apple*, Ginger*, Black Pepper*, Cardamom*, Orange Oil*, Cocoa Shells*, Vanilla Beans*, White Hibiscus*, Fennel*, Mace*, Cloves*, *Certified Organic. Alkaline Herbs Teabags: Lemon Grass*, Lemon Balm*, Dandelion*, Nettle*, Spearmint*, Raspberry Leaves*, Lavender Flowers*, Fennel*, Carrot*, Linden Flowers*, Alfalfa*, Parsley*, *Certified Organic.

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