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Willies Cacao San Agustin Gold Colombian Dark Chocolate Bar 80g

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i discovered these beautiful trinitario beans in the ancient san agustin district, in the foothills of the colombian massifs. go with them on a journey of flavour, their soft notes of dark cherries and damsons plums dancing through the depths. this colombian dark chocolate is slightly darker than the rest of the gold range for those that are brave enough to step up in the darkness of the colombian jungle. i make all my chocolate from bean to bar, to capture the mind-blowingly different flavours of the world's great, not only single origin but single estate cacaos. that is why this chocolate contains simply cacao, raw cane sugar and natural cocoa butter - no vanilla or soya lecithin 100% natural and pure artisan chocolate which is all made in small batches in the factory in devon.


cocoa butter, MILK POWDER, raw cane sugar, honey, ALMOND, ALMOND oil, matcha 3%, rice flour