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Universal Nutrition Torrent, Green Apple Avalanche - 1490g

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Universal Nutrition Torrent Post Workout Recovery drink is a staple for any athlete looking to gain size or strength. After a hard workout your muscle glycogen stores are depleted from powering your muscles through your training. That?s why simple sugars are so important right after you finish a training session. With re-stored glycogen levels, your muscles can immediately begin to recover and grow. Torrent has 52g of carbs along with 20g of protein to help repair your muscles after they are broken down. Protein is the building block of muscles, and you need the best protein with simple sugars for the best results. Torrent doesn't stop there; it also includes 3g of creatine to help restore ATP levels which helps your muscles continue to fire at full strength. For a complete and delicious post workout drink that takes your game to the next level, Torrent is the clear choice.



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