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Trec Nutrition BCAA G-Force, Sweet Orange - 300g

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BCAA G-FORCE is a drug is that it is the branching amino acids L-Leucine, L Valine, L Isoleucine in optimal proportions as well as a good dose Mikrozerkle Inerten Length Comes complete with Glutamins. This components Sivieren the anabolic processes of building up processes and allow for a quick increase pure muscle tissue. The Ami acids BCAA and L-glutamine are of a very strong Antikatabole effect on which results in a fast regeneration of the muscles. BCAA G-FORCE increases strength and performance in serious and long training and prevents the symptoms of †bermŸdung and strain.


L-leucine L-valine L-isoleucine maltodextrin L-glutamine citric acid aroma sucralose beta-carotene

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