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The Paleo Foods Co Paleo Cocoa Granola 300g

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The Paleo Foods Co have re-crafted the most delicious granola using only high quality natural ingredients, loaded with health benefits and free of any bad stuff!Products are based on simple, natural and nourishing ingredients.
The Paleo Foods Co crisp and crunchy range of grain free granola is made from a blend of super-nutritious nuts, seeds, honey and pure vanilla.
With superfoods like Chia Seeds & Cacao nibs it provides a dense source of antioxidants, and healthy fats and is also naturally lower in Carbohydrates. Thanks to those super chia seeds it boasts a rich source of protein too!Perfect for breakfast or an energy boosting snack.


coconut, almond, sunflower seeds, honey, pumpkin seeds, cashew nuts, brazil nuts, hazelnuts, cocoa powder, linseeds, chia seeds, cocoa nibs

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