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The Cheeky Panda Biodegradable 64 Bamboo Baby Wipes

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First it was a toilet roll revolution. Now The Cheeky Panda has bamboozled baby wipes. The Cheeky Panda... Loves the planet these wipes are whipped up from biodegradable bamboo (instead of non-biodegradable, ocean-polluting polyester). cheriesh fellow furries Panda's wipes are proudly vegan and never (ever) tested on animals. Adores babies' Sensitive skin Completely natural. Panda's wipes are wonderful for babies - made from 99% water. 1% aloe juice and fruit extract, and a teeny-weeny trace of food preservative (for squeaky clean anti-bacterial qualities).


99% purified water with Aloe Vera & fruit extract

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  • Vegan