Synaptaid Advanced Brain Support 60 Capsules

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SYNAPTAID is a first-of-its-kind supplement for supporting cognitive function. While it’s easy to imagine our brain function in later life is something that is essentially out of our control, published research shows that certain natural agents have the ability to support the brain function and improve processes such as memory, concentration and thinking. In addition, some nutrients have the potential to ward off issues such as ‘cognitive impairment’ and dementia. SYNAPTAID contains a blend of agents that are supported by relevant research as well as a wealth of clinical experience.


Lions Mane fruiting body 10:1 400 mg extract - equivalent to 4,000 mg, Lions Mane mycelium 10:1 200 mg extract - equivalent to 2,000 mg, Cinnamon verum 30:1 extract - 200 mg .. equivalent to 6,000 mg, Vitamin B6 in the form of 18mg 1,285 % pyridoxal - 5 - phosphate Vitashine vitamin D3 (vegan) 1,000 IU 176 % Vitamin B12 in the form of 500 mcg 20,000 % methylcobalamin Methylfolate 400 mcg 200 % Iodine in the form of potassium 150 mcg 100 % iodide

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