Swanson Bonolive Standardized Olive Leaf, 250mg - 30 vcaps

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Bonolive is the first clinically evaluated olive leaf-based bone health supplement. About a decade ago, the producers of Bonolive started to notice a growing body of evidence was showing that olive leaf-derived products have great potential for human health. The key components of this supplement are the unique phytonutrient oleuropein and other active polyphenols found in the fruit and leaves of the olive trees. The real key, however, is the oleuropein, which appears to work in support of two fundamental bone health goals: promoting bone formation and supporting bone strength. Swanson Bonolive can also help complete any bone-supporting regimen by addressing an important factor other supplements do not. There are three primary categories of bone health supplements: minerals and proteins, which provide the building blocks for healthy bone; vitamins, which promote the utilization of minerals; and phytoestrogens like lignans and isoflavones, which promote hormonal balance (a factor especially important for women). Bonolive is in a class of its own. It actually works to support healthy bone metabolism and stimulate bone-building at the cellular level. None of the other supplements work in this manner.


Brown rice flour, hypromellose (vegetarian capsule), magnesium stearate.

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