Strath Plus Vitamin D 250ml

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Strath nutritional supplements with natural vitamin D are based on high-quality vitamin D herbal yeast. The nutritional supplement, which is rich in vital substances, is suitable for children, adults, pregnant women, breastfeeding women, schoolchildren, professionals, athletes and the elderly. The vitamin D in Strath is not added, but naturally comes from the yeast. In the colder months of the year, with moderate exposure to the sun, our body can often not produce enough vitamin D. But even during the summer, consistent use of sunscreens can lead to an insufficient supply of vitamin D.


plasmolyzed vitamin D herbal yeast 83%, (vitamin D yeast, fructose, dextrose, herbal mixture), malt extract from barley 9%, orange syrup 5% (sugar, water, orange juice concentrate), honey 3%.

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