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Stacker2 Europe Rush V4, Fruit Punch - 180g

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Stacker2 rush V4 fruit Punch, 360 g content is enough for 60 portions of 6 g each. The most extreme and effective pre-workout supplement with 21 effective ingredients. Insanely long lasting energy and concentration, incredible strength and endurance and extreme pumps. Contains rush V4 starch matrix (four different creatines), rush V4 stamina & recovery matrix (beta-alanine + quercetin). rush V4 unstoppable matrix (l-tyrosine, black pepper extract) V4 focus matrix (including Betaine, l-carnitine, Glycine, vitamin B6 and B12).


aroma, isomaltulose, sweeteners( sucralose, acesulfame potassium), anti-caking agent( tricalcium phosphate, silicon dioxide, calcium silicate), natural colourant

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