Sonnentor Org Turmeric Latte Vanilla Box 60g

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Turmeric Latte alias Golden Milk is an ancient Ayurvedic beverage with etraordinary benefits made from organic and direct trade raw materials. Turmeric's special properties have been known about for as long as Ayurveda philospophies have been practised and "Golden Milk" has been Drunk. Today, this age-old drink is known as "Turmeric Latte". It has a delightful "sunny" yellow colour and wonderfully milky-sweet flavor with a slightly bitter finish. The sunny yellow hot drink sweetens the morning and brings everyone woken up by the day. The Latte fits nicely as a breakfast drink , but is also a great kick starter for a reasonable serving of afternoon motivation . Vanilla Latte turmeric tastes sweet vanilla and wonderfully spicy after fine cinnamon .


100% Organic: Turmeric 54%, Cinnamon Ceylon, Cocoa, Ginger, Vanilla 5%, Liqourice, Pepper Black.

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