Rubies Tomato Ketchup 300G

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Our Rubies in the Rubble Tomato Ketchup is a great-tasting and sustainably sourced ketchup (1 x 300g), packed with tomatoes (for flavour) and imperfectly good pears (for natural sweetness). Pair the tangy condiment with chips or take to a summer BBQ. The tomato sauce is made using pears, enabling us to reduce the refined sugar by half - Better for your plate, better for the planet. Our sustainable sauces are made using 100% natural ingredients, not only delicious but also gluten free and vegan friendly. Our sauces are made from surplus ingredients that would otherwise go to waste, often for simply being the wrong shape or colour - Some say it's a load of rubbish, we take that as a condiment.


Tomatoes, Pear, White Sugar, Spirit Vingegar, Salt, Spices

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