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Renew Life DigestMore Ultra Capsules 90caps

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Renew Life digestmore ultra is an ultra-strength digestive enzyme formula. Digestive enzymes help break down carbohydrates, fats, sugars and dairy. Comes in convenient vegetable capsules for use at home or on the go. Potency, quality and purity are through to expiration. Made in the USA using only Quality global ingredients. Disclaimers: food supplements must be used within the framework of a healthy lifestyle and not used as substitutes of a varied and balanced diet.


Protease Blend, vegetable capsule (glazing agent: hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose), Amylase, Glucoamylase (Aspergillus niger), Fungal & Bacterial Amylase (Aspergillus oryzae), Cellulase Blend (Trichoderma longibrachiatum & Aspergillus niger), Lipase Blend (Candida rugosa, Rhizopus oryzae), Lactase (Aspergillus oryzae), Alpha Galactosidase (Aspergillus niger), Xylanase (Trichoderma longibrachiatum), medium chain triglycerides (palm and coconut oil), Phytase (Aspergillus niger), Pectinase (Aspergillus niger), Invertase (Saccharomyces cerevisiae), Hemicellulase (Aspergillus niger), Beta Glucanase (from Cellulase) (Trichoderma longibrachiatum), Diastase (Aspergillus oryzae).

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