Puressentiel Respiratory Lozenges With 3 Honeys 18loz

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The first signs of winter, temperature fluctuations and voice strain (singers, Teachers, public speakers, sports coaches, etc.) can be hard on the throat and vocal cords. The Puressentiel 100% Natural origin active ingredient respiratory lozenges with 3 aromatic honeys are indicated to relieve throat discomfort in the event of hoarseness and soothe tired vocal cords (eucalyptus globules). they combine the traditional properties of eucalyptus globules and cardamom essential oils and propolis with the softness of 3 aromatic honeys: thyme, pine and eucalyptus. The 3 aromatic honeys and propolis are collected using responsible and methods. When you purchase this product, you are also contributing to the protection of Bee populations by supporting the French beekeepers group "un Toit Pour Les abeilles". Pleasant aromatic honey taste. 100% Natural origin active ingredient relieves throat discomfort in the event of hoarseness soothes tired vocal cords gluten-free - Colouring-free - Artificial flavouring - free preservative - with sweetener eucalyptus globules About Puressentiel: Nature has the power to produce active ingredients with a unique force. Puressentiel has a know how: selecting them, mastering their benefits and combining them in innovative easy to use products for your daily health & wellbeing.


Ingredients and quantities for 6 lozenges: Acacia gum from stems and branches (Acacia senegal), sweetener: sorbitol syrup, thyme honey 852 mg, eucalyptus honey 852 mg, pine honey 852 mg, alcoholic extract of propolis 32 mg, eucalyptus leaf essential oil (Eucalyptus globulus) 30 mg, cardamom seed essential oil (Elettaria cardamomum) 21 mg, coating agent: carnauba wax, coconut and rapeseed vegetable oils.

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