Pulsin Organic Whey Protein Powder 1Kg

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Ben, Nick and Simon at Pulsin' offer you Organic Whey Protein concentrate, free from carbohydrate fillers, artificial flavourings and sweeteners. Our Organic Whey is produced using the finest quality hormone free European milk, from happy grass fed cows. Organic certification guarantees some of the most ethical and sustainable farming standards.

We all need protein to stay healthy and for our immune systems to work properly. Protein helps balance out the sugar levels in blood helping provide sustained energy throughout the day. What's more it also helps support a weight-loss diet as it staves off hunger pangs and helps the body burn fat.

Pulsin' protein powders are all GM and pesticide free, containing no nasty chemicals, only pure protein derived from plants. Sprinkle into soups, cereal, juices and smoothies for an easy, great-tasting protein health boost.

At Pulsin' we make natural protein bars, protein powders and healthy treats that are as good for you as they taste. Packed full of natural ingredients and organic goodness, our products are free from nasties, high in protein and low GI, making them perfect for the whole family. Together we can make the world a better place


Organic Whey Protein Concentrate (Milk).


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