Pukka Herbs Everday - Organic Vitalise 60 Veg Caps

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Product Description Vitalize is a nutritional blend containing 30 vibrant organic ingredients including concentrated extracts from 10 herbs and spices, 7 fruits, 2 vegetables, 3 seaweeds 2 freshwater plants, 2 mushrooms, 1 grass juice and magical flower pollen. Vitalize, combined with a balanced diet, helps you to maintain energy level and deal with the stresses of modern life. Indications None known. Caution in pregnancy.


Beetroot juice crystals?13%, Amla fruit powder, Slippery Elm bark, Wheat Grass juice powder 30:1, Carrot juice crystals?, Acerola fruit concentrate, Flower pollen, Spirulina, Licorice root, Peppermint leaf, Bilberry fruit fresh freeze dried 8:1 4%, Chlorella cracked-cell, Amla fruit juice freeze dried crystals 20:1, Pomegranate fruit juice freeze dried crystals, Seagreens® Arctic fresh seaweed blend, Cordyceps full-spectrum, Reishi full-spectrum, Cranberry fruit fresh freeze dried 10:1?, Turmeric root wholistic extract?, Holy Basil leaf wholistic extract?, Ginger root wholistic extract?, Cinnamon bark wholistic extract?, Red Ginseng root 1%, Vitamin B Complex Orgen-B’s™ from (Holy Basil, Lemon and Guava fruit extracts), Aloe Vera juice concentrate 200:1, Green tea leaf aqueous extract.

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