Power Health Omega 3 Liquid for Children (Natural Strawberry Flavour) 150 ml

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High quality low odour fish oil with natural strawberry flavouring; without sugar artificial additives or sweeteners. 825mg EPA and 550mg DHA per 5ml spoon One 5ml serving of Omega 3 Liquid from Power Health provides 825mg EPA and 550mg DHA - levels that Power Health believes are amongst the highest on the market. The high Omega 3 content has been achieved by keeping additives to an absolute minimum. The strawberry flavoured liquid contains a high quality, low odour fish oil, natural flavouring and a touch of Vitamin E - that's all. No sugar, artificial sweeteners or additives.


Low Odour Fish Oil, Strawberry Flavour, Antioxidant (Vitamin E as D-Alpha tocopheryl acetate).

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