PhD Smart Protein, Peanut Butter Cup - 900g

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What is Smart ProteinSmart Protein is a new deliciously versatile protein powder that can be used in all sorts of ways You can bake with it, include it in indulgent, home-made desserts, whip it into a tasty macro-friendly mousse or simply drink it.Who is Smart Protein for?Smart Protein is suitable for both men and women who want to increase their protein intake whilst thoroughly enjoying doing so.Whether you're an experienced gym user or just want to consume more protein through delicious recipes, Smart Protein is for you. Smart Protein is available in 4 awesome tasting flavour options and is also suitable for vegetarians.The Benefits of Smart ProteinSmart Protein not only surpasses all taste expectations but also packs 19g protein per serving & is exceptionally low in sugar containing less than 1 gram per 30g serving.Containing 116 calories (or less depending on flavour) this is the perfect macro friendly option to incorporate into your delicious home-made protein recipes.PhD Smart Protein has optimal levels of specific ingredients, including ground oats, making it an exceptional powder to cook with.When to use Smart ProteinThis all depends on when that sweet tooth kicks in. The beauty of Smart Protein is that it can be consumed at any point of the day due to the fact it is so macro friendly.Whether it's protein pancakes in the morning, high protein cookies as a snack or a light, fluffy mousse in the evening there isn't an indulgent high protein recipe you'd want to make without including Smart Protein.


Concentrated whey protein concentrate, milk protein, oatmeal whole grain (gluten), flavors, sodium chloride, stabilizers (acacia gum, xanthan gum, guar gum), sweeteners (sucralose).

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