PhD Diet Whey, Belgian Chocolate - 1000g

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Diet Whey is a high protein, low carb and Low calorie protein shake that assists fat loss.With diet Whey, PhD provides you with a protein powder that has a low sugar content and is obtained from various protein sources.The mixture of whey protein and micellar casein leads to a long-lasting protein supply and a long-lasting feeling of satiety.The protein is an important factor in the muscle building process as it contributes to the growth of muscle mass.The protein derives from multiple sources and offers you a variety of proteins that release into the blood stream which offer that drip feed effect of amino acids.


PHD PREMIUM PROTEIN BLEND( WHEY PROTEIN CONCENTRATE, MILK PROTEIN CONCENTRATE( MICELLAR CASEIN), SOY PROTEIN ISOLATE), fat reduced cocoa powder, WAXY BARLEY FLOUR, golden brown flaxseed powder, thickeners( gum acacia, guar gum, xanthan gum), flavourings, conjugated linoleic acid powder( Safflower Oil( conjugated linoleic acid), glucose syrup, MILK PROTEIN, emulsifier( SOY LECITHIN), Vitamin E), acetyl L-carnitine, green tea extract, Salt, sweeteners( sucralose)

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