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Pharma Nord Bio-Garlic - 300mg 150 tabs

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Garlic tablets may help to maintain a healthy cardiovascular system, including healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Garlic supplements from Pharma Nord also helps to maintain a healthy immune system and has antibacterial action against certain types of harmful bacteria.

Why Pharma Nord Garlic Tablets?

  • Odourless garlic tablets
  • Preparation contains the same active ingredients as fresh garlic
  • Active compounds in garlic can promote normal lipid (fat) profiles
  • Garlic compounds can also reduce ‘stickiness’ of blood, reducing the risk of blood clots
  • Gluten Free / Lactose Free / Soy Free / Yeast Free / Sugar Free
  • Manufactured to pharmaceutical standards

  • Absorbable supplements that are delivered to the site of activity (bioavailability)

  • Supported by scientific evidence in more than 90 clinical studies

  • Delivers real therapeutic benefit

  • Trusted by customers, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, practitioners and health stores for over 30 years


Garlic powder 300 mg. Provides alliin minimum 4 mg. Alliin conversion is 98% equivalent to the content of 2.1 mg allicin per tablet.


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