Panda Liquorice

Panda Liquorice Banana-Strawberry Liquorice 200g

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Panda’s liquorice candy is the purest you can find, and they’re proud of it! These flavoured banana and strawberry cuts are perfect for satisfying that sweet tooth with their fruity fresh taste.The traditional method of slowly cooking the liquorice dough gives their liquorice its distinctive chewy softness. It is made from just a few carefully selected natural ingredients without any artificial nastiness.Right from the first bite, this liquorice is exactly how it should be – soft, mouth-watering and deliciously tasty!


Molasses Syrup, WHEAT Flour, Pasteurised Strawberry Puree (1.1%), Concentrated Lemon Juice (1%), Natural Flavourings, Liquorice Extract

Suitable For

  • Dairy Free
  • Vegan