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Optimised Energetics Colloidal Silver Amber Bottle 300ml

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Optimised Energetics are committed to offering the finest quality Colloidal Silver products with the greatest choice and value anywhere. All of our products are hand made at our purpose built manufacturing unit. We use medical grade equipment in our production process which ensures a well regulated and consistent ionic and colloidal solution. We have the widest range of formulations with 10, 20 and True 80% Colloidal Silver Solutions. We also produce our own effective, non sticky and soothing Lotions,  Balms and Salves. All contain our best colloidal silver and some also include moisturising organic coconut oil and essential, calming Bergamot oil.  New for 2015 are Colloidal Silver and Coconout Oil based shampoos and body wash.     Please try our products and feel the difference.


water CI77820(silver) Multodextrin

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