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JC Eledoc Health and Beauty announces the launch of Revador! This revolutionary rage of toothbrushes is now available in the UK. Revador is the result of over 10-year intensive research and development. The Revador O’Nano series is the company’s first product range to be introduced in the UK, following a very successful sales record of over 30 million packs sold around the world in 2016. The Revolution in Tooth-brushing has Begun! Introducing Revador? The biggest leap forward in toothbrush design for over 70 years! Revador brings advanced TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) technology to toothbrush design, finally making nylon bristles redundant. Reduces the build of bacteria Gentle on tooth enamel Kind to sensitive gums - Bristles of the Revador toothbrush products are made using thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), a biodegradable material widely used in the medical industry. - Elastically soft TPU bristles provide thorough clean experience by gentle rubbing the gum and enamel without scratching. This helps reduce gum bleeding, as well as eliminate abrasion of the precious enamel which can prevent teeth sensitivity. - The Revador patented one piece moulding technology integrates the bristles into the headboard, drastically minimizing microbes and reduces room for bacteria to harbour. - Our unique densely moulded bristles provide a gentle anti-abrasive clean, yet remove plaque as effectively as leading brands, according to evidence shown by clinical research carried out in one of the top US dental schools. - Compared to conventional toothbrushes, Revador toothbrushes are manufactured with 30% less energy, less waste, create zero toxic residues and are fully recyclable.

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