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Olimp Nutrition Pump Xplode Powder, Xplosive Cola - 300g

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Olimp Sport Nutrition presents a completely new pre-workout preparation, which is the answer to the problems and needs of the current market. Pump Xplode is a composition of the most-important ingredients, the effect of which is to stimulate our hidden potential and prepare for intensive workouts. What’s more, the preparation has been decaffeinated, which allows the supplement to be used during evening workouts without any risk of sleep problems! Do not invest in half-measures, but go for a preparation which gives you real support for your goals.


L-citrulina, L-arginina alfa-cetoglutarato, aromas, beta-alanina, reguladores de la acidez - ácido cítrico; citrato de sodio, colorante - E150d (para el sabor a cola); antiaglomerante - dióxido de silicio; edulcorantes - acesulfamo K, sucralosa; nicotinamida - niacina, extracto de fruto de pimienta negra(Piper Nigrum L.), cianocobalamina - vit. B12, clorhidrato de piridoxina - vit. B6, clorhidrato de tiamina - vit. B1, colorantes: carotenos (A), carmines (B), riboflavinas (C), E150c (D), E150d (E), E133 (F), azul patente V (G), carmines índigo (H), clorofilas y clorofilinas (I), curcumina (J), antocianinas (K), extracto de pimentón (L), betanina (M), carbón vegetal (N)

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