Norstar Biomagnetics

Norstar Biomagnetics Mini Mattress Pad

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Therapists have been using this pad on their massage and treatment couches for years. It is so successful that it is now available to everyone. A truly remarkable product to enhance your lifestyle. Whether used to improve general health or for specific conditions the Norstar sleep system will be your greatest friend. The mattress pad bathes you in deeply relaxing magnetic fields to help you get a better night's sleep. Unlike spot magnets, the mattress pads bathes every muscle, cell and organ in your body with a gentle magnetic field that is safe, natural and essential to people's well being. A good mattress pad will last 15-20 years and require no effort to use them. Magnetic sleep systems do work. They require no effort on your part, simply go to bed, get a good night's rest and wake feeling relaxed and ready to go.



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