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Naty by Nature Babycare Sensitive Travel Wipes 170g

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Eco Sensitive Wipes Travel pack 20 pcs. Naty unscented wipes in a practical, compact travel pack! As for all Naty wipes we are using harvested unbleached wood pulp moistened with purified water to make them as caring as possible for your baby. Free from alcohol, chlorine, artificial fragrance and colors, parabens, phthalates. Compostable wipes with natural ingredients extracted directly from plants as opposed to being made synthetically. This product is not tested on animals.


Eco by Naty wipes are made by natural and renewable material with 98,5% pure water. As all Naty wipes they are free from fragrance (except for Lightly Scented wipes which has a certified light scent of freshness) and harmful chemicals, their natural power soothes even the most sensitive baby bottom. They have been carefully designed to be gentle on the babies’ sensitive skin. Because they are hypoallergenic, they don’t irritate the skin and are safe for use on sensitive skin.


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